A cat on a Hot tin roof Essay

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October 31, 2013
DE British Literature A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams was great film I strongly recommend that anyone who likes films with drama and mystery to watch this. This film takes place in the 1950’s in Mississippi. This film is drama. The setting of this place is in a plantation house. The cast are the following:
Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie Pollitt, Paul Newman as Brick Pollitt, Burl Ives as Big Daddy Pollitt, Jack Carson as Gooper Pollitt, Judith Anderson as Big Momma Pollitt, Madeleine Sherwood as
Mae Pollitt, Larry Gates as Dr. Baugh and Vaughn Taylor as Deacon Davis. This wonderful cast really showed the drama within a rich southern family and made this show excellent. Each cast member executed their specific role that they were given. Elizabeth Taylor’s performance was inspiring and authentic. When she carried on a conversation with her husband Brick, you can feel her sincerity and see that she was truly in love and that she just wanted her husband to love her in return. Paul Newman’s role as Brick was stunning. He really got into the character of an unhappy, alcoholic that just wanted the love from his father and not material items. His attitude towards his wife and family show that there was a deeper issue that was bothering him. He really connected with the audience when something happens to him that alters his behavior.
Madeleine Sherwood played Mae Pollitt in this film and the way that she acts will make you dislike her. First, she carries herself like she is better than Maggie and Brick. She plays a greedy woman and all she wants is Big Daddy’s estate. Close to the end you will see how far she will go with her husband to inherit Big Daddy’s estate. This movie starts off with the entire family arguing over Big Daddy Pollitt estate because he is dying of cancer. The movie begins with Brick drinking at an athletic field. Brick breaks his ankle while jumping hurdles. The scene shifts to Brick taking a shower and you can see that their relationship is distant. There is a deeper issue underlying them. Brick and Maggie do not stay in the same bed, they have no kids, and he resents her. Maggie has become hard and worried and she says living with someone who does not love her has made her a "cat on a hot tin roof." Brick always refers to Maggie as “Maggie the Cat” and he is so dependent on the crutch that he walks with. The crutch is a very important symbol in this film. So pay attention you will realize what the crutch and the outside scene will unravel. During the middle of this film the family throws Big Daddy a 65th Birthday Bash to celebrate his life and his clean health. The family is under the impression that he is healthy and has nothing to worry about, however shortly after the party begins a family member receives shocking news.
Brick and Big Daddy get into an altercation and Brick will finally reveal why he doesn’t show Maggie any affection and why he suddenly started drinking. This is when the mysterious Skipper is brought into the story. Skipper plays an important role in this film even though he isn’t shown in it. During this time you will see the various conflicts within this wealthy family. There is infidelity going on in one of these relationships and you won’t guess with whom. There are marriage problems, family issues, financial, and there is racism going on in the film. This film is a must see, when you watch it pay close attention because if you miss one small detail you will be thrown of and confused about the biggest conflict in a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof .
You will notice how Big Daddy favors Brick instead of Gooper, even thought Gooper is the successful son and has given Big Daddy six grandchildren to continue his legacy. Brick is the total opposite he is not successful, an alcoholic, and he doesn’t have any kids. There is a sense that Brick will be the heir all he asks is for Brick and Maggie to bare him a