A Causal Analysis of Racial Prejudice Essay

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An Analysis on the Biological uses of prejudice

Introduction: Prejudice is something that is ingrained into our very DNA as human beings. It has many hefty ramifications that we are aware or willfully ignorant to. From a broader standpoint biologically we were preordained to “pre-judge” in order to survive the evolutionary process.



Chemotaxis (evolution and attention memory development as the stage for prejudice)

Pre-historic development of mistrust “antagonistic environment”
● “ ‘Unaccommodated man’ was, to begin with, in relations more hostile than friendly.
The struggle for food was so serious a fact, and predaciousness to such a degree the habit of life, that a suspicious, hostile, and hateful state of mind was the rule.”
● Early man was forced into an environment that was optimal for prejudice to grow and similarities and differences became a matter of survival.

Antipathy in mammals
“In primate evolution, “close relatives” is nearly synonymous with “members of the substinece group.” That is, in general, a primate, including the human hunter-gatherer, has more close relatives in his or her subsistence group than in other groups. Thus primates are evolutionarily predisposed to show ingroup favoritism.”
“prejiduce and ddiscriminatioon have an evolutionary basus, rooted in the nature of primate and human subsistence groups”
Group Solidarity
“Race-prejudice is an instinct originating in the tribal stage of society, when solidarity in feeling and action were essential to the preservation of the group.”
“intergroup hostility are put into motion in non hunter-gatherer contexts because they have been incorporated into our epigenetic systems.
“The development of prejudice and discrimination is tied to the development of a group identity. II. Sociological
a. Geography and Beauty Normative
● “Five studies were found that measured the