A Chance To Redeem Essay

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A Chance to Redeem
It is natural for humans to make mistakes, and everyone has a chance to redeem
themselves, because “There is [always] a way to be good again” (2). In
The Kite Runner
by Khaled Hosseini there are many examples of guilt and redemption. Amir, the main
character in the story, commits many mistakes but he always finds a way to redeem
himself and cover his mistakes. In order for Amir to beat the shadows that haunt him, he
decides to rescue Sohrab, his best friend and half­brother’s son, and do for him what he
did not do for Hassan. Baba also commits many mistakes, but he attempts to make up
for them in his everyday life. There is always something people can do to expiate their

Throughout Amir’s childhood, he constantly feels that his father blames him for
his mother’s death and that he does not love him. Amir does everything he can to make
up for the mistakes he made in the past. “I always felt like baba hated me a little. And
why not? After all I had killed his beloved wife,” he says (19). Since Amir feels no love
from Baba, he thinks of ways to make things right with him. Amir sees his father as a
perfect man because everyone in their neighborhood looks up to him. In order to
convince Baba that he is an ‘ideal’ son, Amir decides to sign up for the kite running
competition, he sees it as the only opportunity to become closer to his father and prove

his worth. Amir tries to redeem himself, so that Baba does not blame him for the death
of his mother anymore. Overall Amir did redeem himself by winning the kite running

In Hassan’s attempt to make Amir; his best friend, feel appreciated in any
occasion, he decides to run the last kite for him even before he asks, saying, “For you
thousand times over”(71) This shows Hassan’s loyalty to Amir and the love that he has
for him. However, at the time Amir does not understand the full meaning and power of
that phrase.When Hassan gets raped by Assef and his friends, Amir stands between
two choices; either run, or stand up for his best friend. However, he decides to run
away. For 27 years he waits to do anything in his power to take away the feeling of guilt.
When Rahim Khan calls him and tells him that “there is a way to be good again.”(2)
Amir takes his only opportunity to redeem himself and goes to rescue his nephew
Sohrab from Assef’s hands. Amir also stands up for Sohrab when his father­in­law calls
him the “little Hazara kid,” After many years, Amir finally understands what it is like to
love someone and willing to do everything in their power to make that person happy.
When he tells Sohrab “for you a thousand times over”(391) it refers to how much
Hassan loved…