A Child's Innocence

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A Child’s Innocence Cold-very cold I am and have always been at night; my story is filled with unfortunate events triggered by fate. My first memory was that of me bringing an injured kitten home to care for until it got better although the kitty seemed to dislike me, but that was to be expected for it did not recognize me. Another time I had had the misfortune of seeing a 5-leged mouse. All though my childhood I was always the kind and gentle spirited person; always caring for and helping people in need. I was, however, picky on my things. Sometimes bad things happen to good people -needless to say I’ve had my share- my mother accidentally overdosed tripped on the stairs resulting in her death and my father fell out of the window at his work. Unfortunately I was there to see both accidents and at age 5, but I tried to keep my head up. I was adopted a month after I entering the orphanage. Three days into my adoption, however, the house unfortunately burned down and I was the only survivor. My third house was by a lovely river. I was only there a month for on a stormy night I went to check on part of a pond and saw a dust speck on the beaver pond. As I brushed it away all the water broke the dam flooding the house and killing everyone in it; I miraculously survived the incident. My fourth house was by a cliff with a beautiful view of the sea. One afternoon, as I was playing outside, I kicked a rock and before I knew it the whole house came crashing down into the waves. At 5 ½ I was at my 5th house hoping I had found the right one. On my third night there I woke up in the middle of night-cold- as usual- and went to get a glass of water. After arriving at my destination and pouring some water I came to