A Comparison between Odysseus, The Lotus Eaters and Star Trek Essay

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Essay By: Sarah Rajewski
Do the new elements added in the Star Trek version change the message of how it was perceived in the lotus eaters? The themes of are the same curiosity, In Odysseus and The Lotus Eaters. Star Trek just gives it a more modern twist on the theme.

In both stories the power of the plant comes over the crew causing them to leave. No longer caring to listen to the orders of their leaders. Captain Kirk and Odysseus had both lost members of their crew to the effects of the plants having to creating a solution to fix it.

Odysseus men where effect by the lotus plant which happen when the men ate the plant. In Star Trek the crew was effect by the spores’ plant which affects them when they got close to the plant and it sprayed on them.

The theme of the story has still remained the same even with the twist added. Odysseus men had went and eaten the plant out of curiosity for the so called great taste that the plant has. In Star Trek the crew was trying to figure the mystery of the strange planted that had came across and try to examine the odds plants but got sprayed out of curiosity.

Even with the modern twist the theme of curiosity had remained throughout both the stories. How In Odysseus while the men were looking for resources came across the plant and out of curiosity decided to eat it that happen to affect them. In Star Trek the crew was trying to figure out the mystery of these strange plant and when cam across the spores out of curiosity try