A Composed Strategy Plan Essay

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Keairon Nelson Bearden High School

My Composed Strategy Plan

Dear, Ouachita Baptist University Educational Talent Search 2013-2013 Philadelphia/Washington Intense
Technological enrichment Program, I would first like to thank you for giving me a chance to be able to be an selected participant in this program. My name is Keairon Nelson I am a resident in Arkansas. I attend
Bearden High School. I am a bright, high spirited individual. My top priority is to stay focused on my academic goals in order to accomplish my degree. I have been in this program for four years, since the seventh grade, and glad to say it’s a very great program to be in. Though, I am only in the tenth grade, as a sophomore, this program has open my eyes on a lot of choices, and open doors for what I would like to be in my future.
As for my future, I would love to go to college for football, but we all know that your first plan doesn’t always work. that’s why you should always have an backup plan(plan B). I plan to go to college for either business or actress. My father is always telling me that I need to go to school or college and get an good recommendation. So far I am in a lot of programs and on the right track that will help me prepare for college. Since I would like to be a business man or own my own business, science and technology would be a good way to start for my business. Now as I speak technology is what is making our world better in our environment today. Technology makes our world interesting. As long as people in our world love