A Contrast between emic and etic Approach in International Marketing Research Essay

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Question one: Contrast the emic versus the etic approach in international marketing research

The emic approach refers to the insider view (i.e. the person living inside the particular market). For example it would be an Australian in Australian Marketing. The emic approach refers to culturally bound information. It focuses on how one within one culture think perceives and understands their world around them. This approach allow for description that is meaningful to the individual within that culture. On the other hand, Etic approach is based on generalisations and observations made from others (market researcher, researchers) that are assumed to be applied across cultures (i.e an Australian working for Cadbury as a market researcher going into the Asia market an assuming things about their culture).

Question two: How are developments in information technology affect the global strategies of firms?

The developments in information technology such as telecommunication are forever changing the nature of global competition; they are increasing competition. They are not only competing on a national scale but on a global scale too. Their primary market is also being invaded by significantly more competition from around the world.

Online communication: international shipping (free shipping to Australia)

So many retailers in Australia were struggling due to high international competition. While the Australia dollar was very strong (end of 2012 start of 2013) in comparison to the US dollar. Everything in America was really cheep. For example. A handbag that I wanted to buy in David Jones was $550, online from Saks on fifth avenue (Reliable website and retailer) is was $285. The only logical thing to do was to buy it from America (free shipping- winning!!!). All the department store in America and the UK that shipped directly to Australia were in direct competition with David Jones and Myer. Sometimes (rarely) they would be in direct competition with their own store in Australia, e.g Jimmy Choo shoes were cheaper to buy in America (frees shipping) to Australia then there were in…