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Poverty Causes Conflicts Since the division of classes happened in society, people knew poverty is the problem. The rich and the poor separation affect to the standard of living. The rich have more chances to live, to work, and to develop at a high level while the poor have to confront the shortage of food, education, or losing the pride. Many conflicts happen because of poverty. (1) People have conflict with poverty because they want to have essential need such as food and education. In addition, (2) the self-esteem which is called self-conflict is one of the reasons to urge them escape from poverty. (3) At another point of view, they want to affirm themselves with society.
(1) No one was born to become the rich or poor. They have the dream personally and they hope they can make their dream come true. How they do that if they do not have education? According to the report from recent articles, the ratio of illiteracy in poor countries is higher than the richer, approximate 60-80% in Africa and Asia (source from People have limitations to pursuit their education. Once they are unable to read or write, they lack the knowledge to understand their friends or community’s communication, and people may act against to the society’s development. The more different in social level people are, the more different in social behavior people get.
(1 ) Richard, the main character in “Not Poor, Just Broke” feels sad when he is poor. He is shame when he goes to school, and he is arranged in “idiot seat”. Dick Gregory says, “The teacher thought I was stupid. Couldn’t spell, couldn’t read, couldn’t do arithmetic. Just stupid… Nguyen 2
The teacher thought I was a troublemaker. All she saw from the front of the room was a little black boy who squirmed in his idiot’s seat and made noises and poked the kids around him. I guess she couldn’t see a kid who made noises because he wanted someone to know he was there”. Yet he wants to draw the attraction because he hopes everybody could recognize him. It seems the whole class does not treat him fairly.
(1) Food is easy to find in rich families while it is hard to have in poor ones, especially in poor countries. The famine in Somali in 2011 brought to the result of large number of hunger and they died because of lacking of food. People can do something unusual when they hung; nevertheless “steal a bite of some kid’s lunch out of a coat pocket” and “put it in bread for sandwich”. The author of “Not Poor, Just Broke” explains, “I was pregnant with poverty. Pregnant with smells that made people turn away, pregnant with cold and pregnant with shoes that were never bought for me, pregnant with five other people in my bed and no Daddy in the next room, and pregnant with hunger”. The inner conflict in main character emotion is he