A Critique we should invest in space program Essay

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A Critique of “We should invest in space program”
Kimberly Smith
ENG 103
Professor: Eva Thomas

A Critique of “We should invest in space program”

Today, I read an article from Ocala StarBanner titled “We should invest in the space program.” The Editorial of “We should invest in space program” was published on July 6, 2015, and didn’t list an author name. Even though NASA experiences a lot of technical errors; people should still invest in the space program so we can have technological and scientific breakthroughs to better our future. I choose this article editorial because I am intrigued and enjoy reading anything that’s about space and NASA. After reading this article, I found that the writer accomplished a great article and giving a good description as well as supporting the writer’s opinion with facts that made sense. I only wish the article was a little longer. The writer mentions why we should invest our tax dollars into the space program for technological advancement but is it really fair for the government to use our tax dollars to invest the space program? One of the controversies of investing in the space program is poverty.
The person who wrote this article believes resuscitating space exploration is absolutely worth the investment for human advancement. On June 28, NASA experienced their third failed cargo mission. The rocket carrying cargo to the International Space Station exploded over the Kennedy Space Center. “Earlier last week, Florida U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson rightly called this — along with the rocket failure — a serious problem” We should invest in space Program. (2015, July 6). The writer feels the American government should spend taxpayer dollars on space program because it will benefit all of us in the future. The writers two main factor of why we should invest is because humans are explorers by nature and the technological and scientific breakthroughs required to take us to Mars and the rest of the solar system. “The history of the American space program is replete with examples of technological breakthroughs that otherwise would likely never have occurred — everything from the microchip and cordless tools to memory foam and smoke detectors.” We should invest in space Program. (2015, July 6).
This article was easy to read and very organized. There was no gaps or hidden assumptions. The writer just explained and gave a few examples of why space exploration can be so beneficial to people on the tangible/practical side. But, I think the intangible side of space exploration is often overlooked. The delight and wonder that space exploration gives us hope and should not be overlooked. I wish the writer talked how to convince people to use tax dollar to fund the space program because the public already sees the government spending too much of their money on frivolous and wasteful projects, We should invest in space Program. (2015, July 6). I believe in spending money on better technologies in many