A day in the life of Boys Essay

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A day with Hayden and Sam

One morning before school Sam and Hayden did some interesting things to

prepare for school. Sam wakes up shaves his eyebrows and gets ready for school. He does not believe that eating breakfast will help him in anyway because he already has the protein he needs. Hayden wakes up and checks out his muscles in the morning. He drinks his protein shake. Then he goes into his brothers room and does his curls and does pull ups to start off the day. Now it is time for them to head to school. Before school Hayden and Sam work in the parking lot together. After working they walk to class together. Hayden and Sam always compete with each other. With that being said
Hayden challenges Sam to a hand stand competition. The bell is about to ring for them to get to class but they do not care. Hayden loses the hand stand competition and gets very angry and wants to challenge Sam to a curl off. Sam curled 50 pounds and Hayden only curled 30. Hayden got very very angry and demanding to do something else. So they do squats. Whoever could do they most squats in 30 seconds won. Hayden lost
AGAIN. Sam apologized to Hayden and ask him to stop challenging him so they can go back to being friends again. Later on in the day Sam’s phone died and needs a charger.
He asks Hayden if he can borrow one and he says no. Sam gets very angry with
Hayden. Sam then takes Hayden’s keys and runs to Hayden's car. Hayden tackles Sam to give him his keys back, but Sam refuses he just wants to borrow his phone charger.
Then Sam gets in the car and somehow Hayden gets in too. The begin yelling at each other. Sam apologizes yet again. Right before they get out Sam secretly steals the charger and immediately gets out of the car thinking Hayden does not notice but he

does. He went on a rampage and took off in his car chasing Sam. Sam tries