A day that changed america Essay

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Amelia Darling


2012 October 24

Professor Frost

A Day That Changed America

In history there are many days that changed our beautiful nation; some for

the better and others for worse. September 11th was a day that changed us in many

different ways. More specifically patriotism rose, security was strengthened and

the nation’s feelings towards other nations have changed. 9/11 was a day no one

will ever forget.

Our patriotism has most definitely increased after the attacks. The war on

terrorism brought Americans together and it didn’t matter what each person’s

nationality was. Examples of this are Nick Kavounas; who has changed his

American flag; which he verifies to be made in the country, three times since

September 11th. Another example can be made with Pat Tillman; an ex-NFL player

who joined the Army and lost his life. The case could also be stated with Daniel

Rodriguez; an NYPD officer at the time who served on that tragic day. After that

he was asked to sing at Ceremonies, which began his professional singing career.

Security was probably the most notable change in the nation. It began with

the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, which put Transportation Security

Administration agents in Airports nationwide. Also in New York City tourists visit

the world-famous Times Square and see armed officers patrolling subway stations

with machine guns on hand. On the Brightside a security company such as OSI

Systems Inc. has grown their annual revenue from $111 Million to a projected

$700 million in 2012.

Our feelings have also changed for other nations; especially those from the

Middle East. It was best displayed in 2002 when the number of immigrant visas dropped more than 40 percent. Also; according to the Department of Homeland

Security, Egyptian people were deported 205 percent more! While Asian’s

deportation increased by 34 percent. Also European person’s deportation increased

by 46 percent. Violence against the American-Islam also grew as hate crimes

committed against Islamic people jumped form 28 in 2000 to 481 in 2001!

Patriotism was a great thing for the nation but this was sadly the result of it. September 11th caused both great and awful things for Americans. The