A Day with Keznie Essays

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My mornings with Makenzie
I slowly start to wake up from my peaceful slumber as I hear my grandmas’ surprisingly loud footsteps coming down the long hall. “Let’s get Wayde up” she keeps repeating as she gets closer and closer to my door. Finally my door swings open I slowly start to open my eyes, still groggy from the morning hour, and there she is sitting in front of me, my cousin Makeznie. Kenzie is a two foot 6 inch little girl with a round head and gigantic big brown eyes along with a cute button nose. She has a little patch of hair sprouting and about eight or nine little teeth in her mouth. She has rolls on her legs and a little Buddha belly.
She enthusiastically gives me my good morning hug and kiss. Then grabs my arm and shoulder repeating “Up, up, up”. As I pick her up I gently give her a squeeze, this is my favorite thing about waking up. We head downstairs and my grandma starts making breakfast. The kitchen fills with a delightful smell of eggs, over medium, bacon, un-crispy, fried hash browns, and some whole wheat toast with homemade blackberry jam. I place Kenzie in her high chair knowing that when I start eating she will too. Monkey sees monkey do is that girl’s motto.
When breakfast is ready and we are all seated we turn on Kenzies favorite movie, Snow White. She loves that movie, all the singing birds and music along with the short stubby seven dwarfs. She claps as me and my grandma sits and sings with it. We point out animals for her to find, and sometimes she will sit and dance when music comes on. Her favorite music part is the mining scene when all the dwarfs are mining for diamonds and other treasure while singing “Dig”. She sings along with it and eats at the same time.
When finished eating we clean up and go play.…