A Description of My Native Country of Pakistan Essay

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Laura Gannon Essay #1
Waqar Sarwar Eng 101

“That specific place is not just a place to me it’s more than that”. The place that I have in mind is my native country, Pakistan. I go there almost every summer, and whenever I go back there, I feel different but in a good way. When I see my people and relatives it takes me back to all the memories that I had there. So whenever I am there, I always try to make those memorable moments alive to live in them again. A first thing that comes to my mind is my family. They are really important to me because they have supported me my entire life. Today, I am on this stage all because all of my families support. My half families lives in Pakistan and I visit all my family members every summer and every time I see them I get really excited to meet them. Me and my cousins would go out and have fun every night like it’s my last. From my point of view, whenever you are around your own people u will always have a good time and trust me you feel that someday.

Second thing that is friendship because it’s a main part when it comes to Pakistan. Friendship over there is something you cannot even think of because it’s way different than others. For example, its opposite from here because the teenagers does not work, only their parents works. So all they do is go to school or college and come back hang out with their friends all night. For me, I have been on both sides but whenever I’m there, it’s like a whole different story. I used to go out especially at night because the night life is pretty amazing. the people sleep very late, and the stores are open till around 4 am so we go for…