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The Watergate scandal has everything that presidential scandal can have. Nixon disrespected the presidency by lying to the country and abusing his power. Watergate scandal is one of the worst presidential scandals in the history of United States. It is the story of lies and corruption in the government. Due to the involvement of President in this scandal, President Nixon has to resign his presidency in the middle of his second term of his presidency. Media had played an important role in unraveling the total story regarding the Watergate scandal. The connection between the Watergate break-in and the re-election committee was highlighted by media coverage.

Watergate scandal
During President Richard Nixon’s administration, there was a history making scandal called Watergate scandal. It was one of the worst presidential scandals in United States. Richard Nixon disgraced the presidency by lying and abusing his powers and his committees all leading to corruption.
Bob Woodward, a reporter of the Washington post, teamed with reporter Carl Bernstein to uncover many of the main events of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of the President Richard Nixon on Aug 9th, 1974- the only resignation of the U.S. President to date. In the story of Watergate scandal, on May 28th, 1972 which is about less than 6 months for the presidential elections, at midnight about 5 burglars met outside the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. with a simple plan and broke the main door of Democratic National Committee headquarters. Immediately after an hour, those five men were charged with attempted burglary and attempted interception of telephone and other communications. When the phone number of one of the president’s men Howard Hunt was found on of the burglar’s phonebook, it made society think that why would the burglar would have the president’s men phone number. The FBI found that the legal bills of the burglars were funded by the organization of Nixon’s re-election campaign. President Nixon was found to be a cheat when the case was revealed. The president lied to the society about this case and he concealed self incriminating evidence, abused his powers, and also planned the CIA to stop the FBI investigations. When the questions were asked to president in a press conference about the involvement of White house and President, the president replied that there is no such involvement of the president or the White house. Grand jury indicted them for conspiracy, burglary and violation of federal wiretapping laws. The five burglars were tried by Judge John Sirica and convicted on January 30th, 1973.
This scandal ran for several months, atleast for about 2 years, during this time, the President Nixon, White office officials deliberately mislead the American people about the Watergate affair. One evidence that changed the reporters and people’s ideas about President Nixon was that the Wiretapping of the every conversation in the oval office which were recorded from June 17, 1972. Nixon planted microphones everywhere he resided. Those tapes would soon prove that the President Nixon is completely involved in the scandal. These tapes brought much controversy, they alone can prove that Nixon is innocent or guilty, but President Nixon refused to hand over the tapes. Nixon thought of deleting those wiretapping tapes, but he did not do it, after the judge statement, the President handed over the tapes. But in this tapings, an eight minutes gap appeared between the conversation of Nixon and Haldman, which was deliberately deleted by Nixon’s long time personal secretary, Rose Mary Woods. After this, Nixon faced both criminal probe from the justice department and a political enquiry in the senate. Watergate problem was slowly solving and even though it is still getting bigger.
Former attorney general John Mitchell knew that the FBI had a long standing agreement with the CIA that neither agency would jeopardize the other operations. In a