Essay A Disabled Life: Undermined Experience

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When I was conceived, my parents were expecting a healthy child. The doctor had something to tell them: “We have a problem,” he said. “Your son might not live long.” My parents were so devastated, yet hoping and praying for me to live. At three months old, I had to be operated on for tangled intestines. After the operation, my mother and I would go to the hospital for my wound dressing. Then at four years old, I contracted Dengue Fever; an incision was made on the right side of my ribs so as to implant the surgical tube to drain the water from my lungs. In the later years to come, my parents told me how much time and money was spent just to keep me alive and healthy. I have learn to appreciate the unwavering love and the patience of my parents, and they pampered me with toys and things that a child can lay his hands on.

Before prep-school, my parents noticed that I was drooling and could hardly communicate orally. I underwent a brain scan and they found that only half of my brain was functioning normally. The doctor told my mom that I could outgrow the defect as I grew older. They put my fate to the blessing of God through faith and prayers for my well-being.

When I started attending elementary school, I promised myself, “Even though, I have physical and speech disabilities, it will not hinder too much of my education and life.” I have struggled to excel in my classes, and you proved also that I could fare along with normal students. I did not interact much with my classmates because my oral communication overwhelmed me. Although I was a bit shy, I graduated my elementary school with awards and as an honor student.

Before graduating from middle school, I took the national examination for a high school admission and passed. During the interview, the school administrator found out that I have disabilities. He refused my admittance. My parents were so angry at the discrimination that it prompted their decision to come to America. They asked me, “Have you ever wanted to go to school in America?” At first, I did not know to react, but after pondering for quite a time, I considered to go because it might be best for me to have a new life and environment.

As a freshman at Gahr High School and later on at Santa Fe Springs