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1) If you were in a war what do you think you would be thinking about? Would you think about your loved ones, or would you think about how you can stay alive so that you can the people you love. You could think about pretty much anything but what I think most people would be thinking about would be love. So why would you let something contain that love if your still thinking about the in a time of war. That is something that Ernest Hemingway was trying to embody in his book “A Farewell To Arms”. That we cannot let physical or mental obstacles control our love.
2) If at all possible don’t let your own mind hinder love.
a) This might seem like a pretty simple thing to do but it happens to every one just in different situations perhaps.
a.i) It is no different for the characters in this book “Not always. But I do with you. You don’t have to pretend to love me. That’s over for the evening. Is there anything you would like to talk about?” (Hemmingway 31)
(a.i.1) In this case Cathrine was right about Fredric not loving her but its not that which is important it’s the fact that she is second guessing herself and over thinking whether or not he loves her. Like every body does.
a.ii) If we do allow our selves to hinder our love however it can only lead to regret and sorrow “I wanted to do something for him. You see I didn’t care about the other thing and he could have had it all.”
3) If true love is found it can change our lives forever.
a) This is due to the fact that when that true love is achieved you will inevitably not only think about your self but about that loved one like he or she is almost part of you
a.i) “I want what you want. There isn’t any me any more. Just what you want.” (Hemmingway 106)
a.ii) this might sound like something corny but really it isn’t when you are truly in love with a person they come before everything even yourself.
(a.ii.1) This is why you are constantly thinking about them no matter what.
a.iii) “I did…