Essay on A Fatty Making A Change

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A Fatty Making a Change Baxter was a fatty who lived in the town of Dogville. His passion was eating food all of the time. Baxter enjoyed eating everything that was rich, fatty, and delicious. However, the new mayor enacted a city ordinance that prohibited fatty foods to be served or consumed in the city. Most of the city’s residents showed little to no 1ennui over the situation, and were doing nothing and seemed to not care. Baxter on the other hand, was preparing a 2Diatribe that he would present on the steps of city hall to show his anger over the new laws. Baxter is hoping his speech will 3ameliorate the problem, and make it so he can eat his favorite foods again. Baxter also is hoping that his speech is 4efficacious in getting the mayor to reverse the laws. Baxter had completed writing his speech, and he headed to his city hall. He started to speak in a 5ebullient manner to get an excited crowd to gather. Baxter did such a good job sounding interesting and excited he got the crowd that gathered excited too. The crowd wanted to start rioting and force the mayor to change it, however, Baxter had to remind them to show 6decorum. Baxter knew that if they were violent and rude in the matter that it would be 7inimical to their cause and they would have no chance of making a change. The crowd all decided to hold a peaceful protest and would stand outside the mayor’s office until he changed the law. When the mayor looked out upon the crowd, he decided to go try