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*Holographic computer display

~ Ever wonder how it would be to have a full display wherever you are and only you can see? Ever thought what if 3D techniques are fully being utilized to their full potentials? And ever wonder what if we took the same concepts of 3D glasses but integrated it with cutting edge Technology, What would be born? By utilizing the advanced technology that is available in today's society and combining with cutting
Edge and stylish glasses what's born is something phenomenal. What is born is Tech Glasses. These Glasses are the cutting edge, new thing that will change the way you interact with computers forever.

To be able to have a holographic display at your finger tips could change the very way we look at technology as we know it. Tech glasses have an interactive user display that is synced to the very user that wears it. Through the cybernetic lenses you will have a full in interactive view. You’ll be able to have all the same functionality of a desktop or laptop computer without having to have a keyboard or any hardware to set up.

This project would take at least three to four years to truly finish a product of such magnitude. In order to fully make a complete user interfaced program we would need at least 9 programmers in order to cover all the functionalities of the software. The hardware design of the program would not take long but the layout of the glasses would be fairly thick in order to accommodate the numerous computer chips needed to maintain such a program and device.

Though head-worn displays for augmented reality are not a new idea, the project