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A Genius Pairing of the Authentic GIF Art and Lenticular Technology Launched on
Gif Gonzo is a new form of art and it's showing art that moves. The art industry is growing year after year, and the market is hungry for new art genres and this may be just what they need. Tours, France, November 17, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - Rubens Ben, founder, introduced
“GIF Gonzo” on Indiegogo in efforts to bring back a long lost art form. The founder is a
Website developer and photographer. His passions can be described as culture meets art meets technology, and he is about to manifest those passions in a whole new genre of art. In a world where everything is a new technology it is refreshing to see an artist bring back a lost art form and bring it to life in today’s market. The campaign is showcasing the art, the vision and even the history of Lenticular Printing. Lenticular technology is a high-resolution process allowing creating visual effects such as 3D imaging or animated pictures. Specially interlaced files, perfectly aligned to the lens will allow the viewer to see different images depending on the angle. Ben is using this technology to create some really unique pieces.

Gif Gonzo is a new form of art and it's showing art that moves. The goal of Gif Gonzo is also to incubate and elevate GIF as a legitimate art form. This is why it aims to be a main actor in the art scene, by planning GIFs exhibitions and events. Another unique feature: each print will be framed and unique (200 copies), delivered with a certificate of authenticity. It is important to empower this business to make their vision a reality