A Glass of Champagne Essay

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I never understood how people could be so hypocritical, especially my boyfriend at the time. It was my junior year of high school; volleyball and football season had ended. I was able to spend more time with my boyfriend, James. James and I would take turns with one another hanging out with our group of friends together. I learned to deal with videogames, pranks and going to high school parties; when I would hang out with James and his friends. Whereas James learned to play Just Dance the videogame on the Wii, or relax and watch Netflix with my friends and me. As a couple months passed, I started becoming unaware of my actions. My friends were telling me I was becoming an alcoholic, that I was being too much of a “party girl.” I told my best friend Natalia, “You need to lighten up, and just live a little. Parties aren’t bad at all; you should know that.” However, the next thing I knew weeks later I was standing with only a couple of friends left; and constantly arguing with James. I’ve experience such a lame break-up until one day after school James pulled me aside in the band parking lot and told me, “Obviously things aren’t working out for us. I need a girl who isn’t so reckless. I need a girl who doesn’t like to smoke or drink. That girl just isn’t you.” I simply replied with attitude, “Then go find your good girl Mister All I do is drink and smoke.” James then just turned around and walked off to his car, leaving me standing there in the boiling heat without a ride home. That day was the end of James and me. Weeks later, news spread around the school that James and a girl named Sabrina are now dating. Along with the news of the new couple, I heard they met at a party and the two were ping pong partners. All I felt was rage and frustration. I had been dumped due to consuming alcohol so much; therefore James broke up with me. I was so devastated and kept blaming myself for falling under his peer pressure of drinking. I couldn’t understand how he could be such a hypocrite. Since that day, I cut James out of my life completely, and focused only on finishing the last two months of my junior year with A’s and B’s. The sun of summer 2012 beamed down on my skin. My time went toward playing volleyball, swimming, strength and conditioning camp, and, of course, partying. Everything was going great in my life; I had plenty of friends, and I was having fun with doing what I wanted. I had also reconnected with one of my friend, Ricky. Ricky and I have always flirted with each other since freshman year; and over that summer, we started catching up and hanging out. Ricky and I were both very athletic, so we would work out with one another during summer; we also had the same close group of friends, so we tended to hang out a lot together. Things were easy with Ricky, and our communication skills seemed almost perfect. We were able to be goofy with each other, but most of all Ricky and I respected and trusted one another. I looked up to Ricky as a guy best friend whom I also happened to have feelings for. My life was everything that I wanted until August came around; because then I had hit the lowest spot of my life. We only had two weeks of summer left; senior year was right around the corner. Everyone was dreading August 26 which involved having to go back to school. On Friday, August 17 after volleyball practice, I received a text message from James; It had been five months since I had gone without hearing from him. My heart sank to my stomach when my phone screen displayed, “I miss you, Bri.” I hesitated to reply and when I did I typed out, “I’m blocking your number now.” Then I pushed the send button; I wanted no part of James to be in my life, because he wasn’t the right guy I should be with. I later went home and got some rest since I was going to attend one of the last summer parties my friend Kendall was throwing. Natalia, Brittany and I arrived at the party around 11:30pm, and a whole bunch of friends from school was