A good man is hard to find Essay

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Reading Response Most grandmothers are thoughtful to have their children there to help. They give their grandchildren good advice based on what happened when they were their age. On the other hand in the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Conner, the grandmother is the exact opposite. The family has to deal with their selfish grandmother throughout the whole trip they’re going on, leading them to their death, but she learns from it, however it was too late, because shortly after she was shot. When the family tells the grandmother about the trip to Florida she does not want to go. She wants to go to Tennessee. This leads to her trying to find every possible way to find a way to have it her way. In the beginning the grandmother is reading the daily paper and reads about The Misfit. She uses this in her advantage to change their family plans from going to Florida, to Tennessee. The grandmother’s style of getting it her way isn’t being blunt with it, but being subtle. Instead of telling them that she wants to go to Tennessee, she tries to tell them about The Misfit and make the family change their mind, “Here this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed toward Florida and you read here what it says he did to these people. Just you read it. I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. I couldn’t answer to my conscience if I did.” (498).
On the day of the trip the grandmother still doesn’t have it her way and she hides her cat under the seat, “underneath it she was hiding a basket with Pitty Sing, the cat, in it.”(498). Once again her selfishness is showing and she must have it her way. Another example of her selfishness in the trip is when she tells her grandchildren about this house with a secret panel and when her son turns around and goes down the supposedly road that leads to that house. That is when she remembers that that house is in another state. She suddenly jumps and startles her cat that is