A Great Book and Movie Essay

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Ian Timmons
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10 December 2014
A Great Book and Movie
Of Mice and Men is a film that was made in 1992, which was based on the novel written by John Steinbeck in 1939. The story centers on George Milton and Lennie Small, two hobos traveling together through southern California working as farm hands. They just want to live their dreams, and live together on their own. Gary Sinese, also the actor for George, directed the movie and precisely illustrated what life was like during the Great Depression. He also beautifully illustrated the countryside, and developed and portrayed the characters as they were in the novel.
George and Lennie are on their own little trip, but not one that someone would enjoy.
They’re both broke bindle stiffs who are looking for work throughout southern California after having to run away from their last job in Weed. George is really the leader of the two, considering that Lennie is mentally handicapped, and he is sort of like a child inside a giant’s body. They have a goal together that hopefully one day after working enough, they will be able to purchase their own little farm house and live off the land together. Eventually after having to get their work cards, and traveling a long distance, they are given jobs at a ranch near Soledad,
California. They meet a wide variety of characters while on their stay at the ranch. George and
Lennie soon learn that their stay will not be welcome for too long.

Throughout their stay at the ranch, they meet Candy (an old one­handed man who has worked at the farm for a long time, and owns an old smelly dog), Crooks (a stable hand who got his nickname for his crooked back, and is the only black person at the ranch), Curley (the boss’s son who has a bad temper, and also has a wife that likes to flirt with all of the farm hands), Slim
(another farm hand who is very wise and smart), and Carlson (yet another farm hand who isn’t very relevant to the story). Some characters play greater roles than the others, but at some point throughout the story, they all make major contributions to big events. All of the actors precisely illustrated their character’s roles, besides Lennie’s actor, who I would’ve pictured as a younger looking man, with more hair and a lot bigger. Throughout their stay at the ranch, they soon become friends with some of the people, and learn that not all of the people will be on their side though. George and Lennie are working hard and making money, and their vision of living in a farm is soon coming clearer. The bad thing is, Curley’s wife is constantly trying to talk and flirt with George at first,