A Great Way to Care and Sweet Summertime Money Essay

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Sweet Summertime
Money is something America has turned into a necessity. Food, housing, gas, all the things we need, all require money. Yet money is something that most Americans do not have enough of. Money is often used in different ways; it is saved up, budgeted, or wasted once it is in the wrong person’s possession. I prefer to save mine and use it when I need it. Every summer a group of my college friends and I take a beach trip. This requires a lot of preparation and planning. We prepared for our trip while packing, then we planned out what we will do during the day and what we will get into at night.
In preparation for our trip, we had a lot on our plates. After making hotel reservations, we started packing and made sure we had sunscreen, tanning lotion, sandals, towels, sunglasses, and money. While the van was in for servicing, we walked to Wal-Mart and purchased the necessary supplies for our trip. Once the van was ready, we headed towards the gas station for a fill up. While we were there, we realized we did not have a cooler for the beer. Luckily, the gas station had a sale on coolers and ice. Finally, after a long day of preparation, we grabbed our iPods and headed to the beach.
Once at the beach, we were ready for a day full of activities. Right off, we started to play in the sand, making sand castles. Once we got tired of that, we played volleyball. From strenuous activities, we worked up an appetite for extra-large pizzas from Dominoes which, believe it or not, they delivered to us right on the beach. After eating our pizza, we decided to go parasailing, that took us going across the white tops of the waves. We retreated back to the beach and treated ourselves to libations of vodka. Later in the day, all the activities and drinking made us tired, so we decided to take a nap in the sand under the sun.
When dusk arrived, we ventured out into the night life. Our first stop was at the beach club, X-Ray. Approaching the club, we could feel the beat from the music growing stronger the closer we got. All of a sudden, a shadow cast upon us from a six-foot-five, 300 pound bouncer, but when he asked for our ID’s a strangely high pitched voice came from this massive man. Once in, the group proceeded straight to the bar for our first round of the night. The club was packed, and it felt like ages before the bartender got to us. Everyone took a round of whiskey shots, even the girls. After the shots, we grabbed our assorted drinks, some deciding to double first, and headed to the dance floor. The dance floor was packed with a live band playing an array of music genres. We all took turns waiting at the bar for our next set of rounds. While the rest of us got lost in the music and the energy on the dance floor, we lost count of how many drinks we had. All of a sudden, it was pointed out to us that one of our buddies was dancing with the bouncer’s girlfriend. We all started to laugh until the floor started to shake, not from the music, but from the massive bouncer heading to our buddy. People on the dance floor split like the red sea as he