A Great Way to Care and Baseball Essay

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Jaylan Suda
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Baseball: A Sport That Impacts Lives

Baseball is a widely popular sport and is one of Americas best past times. “The ballplayer who loses his head, who can't keep his cool, is worse than no ballplayer at all” (Lou Gehrig). Many people who have played baseball or has had baseball as a part of there life will most likely say that they wouldn’t be the person they are today without it. For me, baseball has always been a big aspect in my life. It is an important building block that helped mold me into the young man I am today. Baseball has brought me happiness. All of my close friends that I have, I met them all through baseball. Not only has baseball made an impact on me socially, but it also has taught me a lot of life lessons that I probably wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t played. Communication was a great trait I learned while I was playing baseball. Interaction with your teams was key. Without opening your mouth and actually discussing what is going on the field the team is lost. Same thing with school, if you don’t communicate with teachers how are they going to know that you need help with something? Or communicating with your parents, bad communication is juts trouble waiting to happen. One of the many lessons baseball taught me was teamwork. To not only think about yourself while your playing, and also what you do on and off the field will affect the team in many ways. You have to think of your team as if they were your own family. You can’t win a game by yourself; you have to make sacrifices at times in order to win. “There is no I in team”. Baseball also helped me build my personality and self-quantities; I’m constantly playing baseball during school breaks such as winter ball and summer leagues. So I do a lot of traveling which enables me to meet a lot of new people, with a lot of different personalities. It tends to grow on you, you know? Basically it taught me to loosen up when I meet new people, I myself was more on the shy side before I started traveling for baseball. But going on these trips made me open up more, which made it easier to meet and start a conversation with people I’ve never met before. Complex thinking is why people who think ahead, and can visualize things before they actually do them mainly like baseball. Which means baseball is a very mental game. You have to be able to think of all the situations that can happen when the ball is hit, where to throw, where to cover, and many more circumstances that regard mental toughness. This trait that baseball has taught me helps me in school a lot, a really good example would be math. Always thinking of new and effective formulas that make things