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When you think of coffee, whether it’s a latte, cappuccino, espresso, or just regular coffee most likely Starbucks will be the first thing to pop in your head. That is because it is the fastest growing coffee company. Think about it, a few years ago you had to actually look for a Starbucks, now they have locations on almost every other street corner. Star bucks has be able to become successful and almost monopolize the market holding strong moral and ethical values, which have helped the company gain their livelihood from their consumers, employees, and communities; not to mention the have amazing coffee.
When it comes to their community and customers Starbucks holds high moral values and responsibilities. Contributing to the community helps Starbucks give back to their customers and show appreciation. Starbucks is committed to making the communities around them stronger by giving back in different ways. The company and employees participate in community service, they help establish community stores, and work directly with farmers and farming communities. One role they play in community service in a program called Global Month of Service in April this program allows business partners to lead the community service projects. These projects are aimed to help relief or solve the needs of the neighborhoods where they live and work. (Starbucks, 2014)
Starbucks has even set a goal to complete 1 million hours of community service by the year 2015. In 2012, currently the company has only completed 613,214 hours. The community stores that Starbucks contributes to are stores that work with a trusted nonprofit that provides services to the local community. A percentage of each transaction at a Starbucks store is invested into the nonprofit to create a reliable flow of resources for the organization. There are currently three locations in Harlem, New York, Crenshaw Neighborhood of LA, and Houston’s East End neighborhood. Starbucks also works with farming communities that supply most of their products, they also invests in programs that are designed to strengthen the economic and social development. (Starbucks, 2014)
Moral responsibility towards the environment is vital to the survival of companies n todays society. Starbucks shows this responsibility by swearing to take action in improving their effects on the environment. They believe that it is a smart business practice to be environmentally friendly, they have reduced their operating costs and increased their shareholder value by going green by practicing water and energy efficiency. The goal of energy conservation has been a goal for the company; they have set this goal to reduce their energy and water consumption by 25% by 2015. They have already showed progress toward this goal, in 2012 they used 6.36KWH, which is a 65% decrease from 2008. They have also reduced their water consumption by 17% since 2008. Starbucks also takes an active role in recycling by providing recycling stations in front of their store, providing customers the option to recycle their trash. (Pagliery, 2013) Responsibility towards employees is very important, Starbucks offers their employees the opportunity to grow and advance in their careers. Some of these opportunities include internal prospects, internships, and rotational development programs that are all geared toward helping employees improve and advance within the company. Starbucks also offers benefits not only to full time employees but part-time employees also. To become eligible for the benefit packages an employee must work a minimum of twenty hours a week. The benefit packages this company offers is very good, they offer medical, vision, and dental. Starbucks also offers a 401K plan and a stock option called Bean Stalk. Starbucks also play a active role in supporting the military, they hire many veterans and military spouses. Starbucks has also committed to hiring veterans and military spouses. (Starbucks, 2014) It is