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HUSV 331: Process of Living and Dying When I reflect on my life I could never imagine losing a loved one because I know the pain can seem unbearable. To come to the realization that someone who is close to you will no longer be there can be the hardest thing to come to terms with. There are many people who otherwise think differently about death with a more positive perspective. Death is more seen as natural, relaxing, and a sense of relief. To others the topic of death might result in fear, anxiety, depression, it can be a burden and it can have a great impact on many lives.
This week we discussed Elisabeth Kubler –Ross, who was known as the paradox of her time, and her view on death. Reading the article by Caroline Myss as she describes her relationship and the interactions she had with Elisabeth up until her death gives a more in depth description about the nonchalant attitude of the late Elisabeth. Elisabeth was described as an old stubborn woman, but she was very intellectual. She was stuck in her ways without the fear of death in her heart. She actually wanted to die earlier than her time which I found to be very strange. Most people would like to live as long as they can, but here was this woman who was in a wheel chair angry at God for keeping her on earth. Reading this article made me think of the incredible ways this woman worked and how she utilized her thoughts and spirituality to come to terms with what most people thought was tragic and awful. I just thought to myself how do I bring myself to this mindset, and how do I remove the fear of death from my heart. It was very interesting hearing what the class had to say about Elisabeth and her brave response to death.
The class also took part in an activity which consisted of each individual losing one loved out of three. The pick was randomly chosen and then revealed to the class at