A guide to parents who have children approaching the age of 18 Essay

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A guide to parents who have children approaching the age of 18

Turning eighteen is a period of transition for your child. It is a very important milestone in their life. It includes planning about their academic/non-academic career, employment opportunities, and choices where to live in the community etc. This transition period is considered to be very hard and challenging for most of the children at this age. As a parent you obviously want your child to go through this period very easily and successfully. You have great contribution towards this. One of your main goals will be to help your child have an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and choices to determine their future.
As a parent, you have seen your child’s developing stages often with pride and sometimes with frustration. You have experienced many transitions in your child’s life. This transition is probably one of the hardest. So, you have a significant responsibility to offer a perspective which no one other than you can. Some of the skills or values you can advise your child could be about:
Financial stability: After your child starts working, it is very necessary to advise them about financial stability. You, as a parent, need to make your child realise about the importance of saving money for the future rather than wasting everything in unproductive things. Some of the tips you can offer your child regarding financial stability could be about being careful while using credit cards, keeping an eye on savings account balance, setting financial goals and working towards them financially.
Hard work: Someone does not come across success just by hoping for it. Being a parent you need to make your child realise the importance of hardworking. You need to make them aware of this competitive world and how much hard working pays off.
Communication skills: Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. You need to advise your child on having good communication skills which can help him/her in every aspects of their life. Some of the examples you can offer your child about communication skills