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A herbalist who claims to cure AIDS is nabbed HAROLD L JAMISON New York Amsterdam
News (1962­1993); Aug 13, 1988; ProQuest Historical Newspapers New York Amsterdam
News: 1922­1993 pg. 1
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Herbalist who claims to cure" AIDS is nabbed

He calls arrest racist and smear campaign
By HAROLD L. JAMISON A Black herbalist, arrested last year for dispensing and practicing medicine without a license after advertising a cure for AIDS, will appear before state Supreme
Court on Sept. 27.
On February 10, 1987, Attorney General Robert Abrams called for the arrest of Wilfredo Bowman, popularly known as Dr. ‘following claims he made in he AmNews and the Village Voice that he could cure AIDS. The 55­year­old Honduran born practitioner of African herbal medicine and founder of the
USI­IA Institute. 616 Pacific Ave., Brooklyn, asserts Abrams’ “smear and fear" campaign against him is simply "racist."
“African indigenous peoples have, since ancient times, observed, used and maintained a relationship with the natural environment, the soil, its inhabitants, and its vegetation," jwho has studied herbology
DR.for the past 17­years in Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean. Europe, Russia, Asia,
India and the United States, explained. “The experiences and knowledge gained by peoples of African descent can assist in the restoration of health to the peoples of the world. This trial will be the first time
I will have an opportunity to tell my story."
ROBERT ABRAMS According to ‘who proudly admits he is not a doctor, Abrams’ attacks are not personal, but are just consistent with history and the plight of Black inventors in America.
“The Black man in America invented everything there is," ‘said. "When they needed blood plasma, here comes Charles Drew. when they need
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A herbalist claims
(Continued from Page 1) ed a White House, there was Benjamin Banniker. They needed rubber and plastics, they had George Washington Carver. And let's not forget Elijah McCoy. Now they need someone to deal with AIDS. Here is
All of these inventions, includingihe discovery of electricciuam tne mscovery or electricity, E attributes to Black men in America.
“It was Banniker who discovered electricity through the use of copper and carbon,"2 said. “But
Benjamin Franklin got the credit for it."
The charge of dispensing medicine without a license has already been addressed and defeated in civil court. Sebi's attorney, Simeon Greenaway, a Black manjsays he's proud to have representing him, said the more serious charge of practicing medicine without a license, was to have been heard in May. But it was postponed to Sept. 27, in New York State Supreme Court.
“I'm not surprised by his (Abrams) actions." Greenaway stated. “It is consistent with most of the scientific research that has historically been suppressed by the medical community. But this time the attorney general proceeded on the erroneous assumption that the products being marketed were medicinal compounds," Greenaway added. “First of all, no investigation was conducted into the products before 2 was arrested and after, the arrest. they did not analyze the products to ascertain their contents... The products in fact, are vegetarian natural liquid compounds."
A decree has been issued literally prohibiting I from claiming, orally, or in writing, directly or by implication, the ability to relieve or alter the course of AIDS, herpes, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, lupus, or any other human