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I believe in humanity. I believe in a world where human beings are able to make choices based on logic and reason. I believe in a world where the suffering of innocent beings is taken into consideration, and therefore limited at all costs.

But see this idea of ‘equality’ ‘peace on earth’ ‘freedom for all’ appears so distant to so many, that really it has become a cliché. For majority of us sitting here today we don’t believe we can difference. Not even in slightest. We don’t believe that our simple everyday actions can actually amount to something as big as equality… World equality.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my absolute pleasure to speak here today at the annual youth ‘We are the change’ event. I want to share with you the possibility, the conscious choice that we can all make to minimize unjustified violence and mass cruelty through the lifestyle of veganism.

Yes veganism. The word used to describe the ‘crazy people who choose not to consume, wear or find enjoyment in another beings suffering.’

I acknowledge that this idea is often overlooked, ridiculed and joked about in mass media; therefore it is only natural that mass society obeys. “Just don’t think about it. Ignore the obvious suffering. It is okay because everyone else does it.”

See this idea that animal exploitation is natural, healthy or normal was not something you thought up yourself. It was sold to you from day one.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to inform you that mass media has the