A Just War Essay

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A JUST WAR? Was the United States justified in going to war against Mexico in 1846? I did a whole lot of research and read so much information about the events that led up to the United States decision to declare war on Mexico and I have come to the conclusion that my answer to that question would be no, absolutely not. I do not believe that the United States had the right to declare war against Mexico. I strongly disagree with people using such violence just to get something they lust after. In 1821, Mexico broke away from Spain, its mother country. Mexico was approximately the same size as the United States. Mexico’s main religion was Catholic, it was anti-slavery and it did not want to give up their control of Texas to the United States. The American settlers were mostly protestant, they were pro-slavery, and completely ignored Mexican authority. These complete differences between The United States and Mexico began causing some major problems. Bloody encounters between the two nations began exploding and things were looking pretty ugly. Through this violence, Texas finally won its independence from Mexico. Shortly afterwards, Texas applied to the United States Congress for annexation. Within the next nine years they applied twice but were denied both times. In late 1844, when James K. Polk was elected president of the United States, Texas was allowed the annexation. This is when the United States became determined to get what they wanted, at whatever the cost, and became the bully. President James K. Polk strongly believed and supported Manifest Destiny. This meant that it was God’s plan that America would extend through the whole territory from the East coast to the West coast. Before even a year in office, Congress decided to annex Texas. President Polk became extremely greedy and lustful. He couldn’t just stop at taking Texas, he needed more. He insisted upon taking California as well. In 1845 he sent General Zachary Taylor with over 3,000 troops into a highly disputed area of southern Texas. The United States and Mexico were in a terrible conflict over the border that divided the two countries. Mexico claimed that their border extended to the Nueces River. The United States claimed that their border extended to the Rio Grande.