A Knight ' s Tale and Midevil Times Morals Essay

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During the midevil times morals, values and society were all very different then today. People were sepertated into classes based on wealth and once you were born into a class there was no escaping it. In the movie A Knights Tale Brian Helgeland expresses elements of midevil life to give the viewer a better idea about miidevil times and lifestyles. The elemnts used in the movie include Womens Professions, public Humility, indentured servants, and the poor marrying for love. William Chaucer was born into a poor family. His dad sent him off with a knight in hopes that he could one day change his social status from that of a poor man. Many people did this in those times in hope for a better life for their children. In the movie you get a great understanding as to how hard that would be leaving your child. Personally I don’t understand how anyone could send away their child for anything. It would be too hard and sad to handle. As the movie goes on he lies and says hes a knight so that he can particiape in jousting tournaments. As he starts to win and become loved and famous he falls in love with Jocelyn (who is of a much higher social status then he). The film shows how the poor will marry for love as Willliam did In the movie Womens professions are potrayed in different ways. Some women are just simple house wifes cooking and cleaning. However in the movie there Is a women black smith who holds a postion of high power. The movie potrays these different roles so us (the