Essay on A Lesson Before Dying

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Redeemed or Not?

There is always a chance to be redeemed by people or to be redeemed by the person's self. To be redeemed means to be forgiven. People have different opinions of what a person is or what the person can be. Every person has heard someone saying things they are not, but it depends on what the person believes about the comment that matters. Jefferson, the main character of A lesson before dying By Ernest Gaines, has been accused of killing a white man, a crime he did not commit. Jefferson was the only survivor because there was a gun involved, so he gets blamed for the robbery and the death of three people. The white folks at the courthouse had called him a hog and he believes it. Miss Emma, Jefferson’s godmother feels indignant because of what they called him, and she wants Grant, the teacher of the quarter to go to the jail cell and make Jefferson a man before he dies. During the visits of grant in the jail to see Jefferson, he stars to know something new everyday, as he teaches Jefferson how to be a man but Jefferson refuses to his teaching, but eventually they both grow.
Jefferson should be redeemed by the white society because he haven't done nothing wrong in life. He was just a young men who tried to work as hard as he can to make his momma proud but also jefferson needs to redeemed himself for all he had though he was about being a hug. If jefferson is not redeemed by others there would not be a reason for Grant to waste his time trying to teach jefferson how to be a man, because grant's efforts show that Jefferson should be redeemed. By the way that blacks use to work in the community, white people didn't believe that jefferson should be redeem because as the black people work, they show effort in doing the hard work and the difficult things. In the black society, the blacks used to work with land and don't pay any mind to education, thats why white people think that the blacks dont have enoght education to be redeem.The blacks were considered a hog well at least Jefferson was. "I would just as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this." (Pg:8) He was called a…