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Sarah Bryan 9/21/14
A Lesson for Time Putting life into perspective, it is truly flabbergasting how quickly it transcends. In the blink of an eye, a person travels from a child to an adult. The explanation for this transformation is as simple: Time. Think back to a childhood of Valentine Cards, Pink Bubble Gum, Toy Trucks, and Crayola Crayons and when that turned into Graduations, Professions, and Lust. Consider that each day it seems as if nothing changes, yet when looking back, it seems that everything has changed. There are three basic periods of time a life can be summarized in the past, the present and the future. We make millions of memories of experiences that change a person slowly but surely. It is the course of time and the memories that form which writes a person’s memoir. It is memories that teach lessons, and time that gives opportunity. Whether positive or negative, these memories are the outlines of who you become as a person. The future waits, and nothing is slowing down time, so the best thing for a person to do is grasp on and embrace the ride. Most feel inclined to argue a high school student is not an adult and lacks maturity. However, the experiences we students are learning are stepping stones. Maturity cannot be achieved at one age, or one stage of life. Rather, it is a growing trait. The concept revolves around what we get to achieve, fail at, and how we learn to deal with these milestones. It is at a point where a person can appreciate both success and failure, maintain pride and modesty, and move on with triumph that a person has proved maturity. It is this acceptance of mistakes that has guided my growth. For instance, as a freshman in high school I lacked the ability to own up to my actions. If I received a failing grade in class, it was the teachers fault. Today, a failing test grade is a message that I need to improve and change something for I am the only person who can. After all, it is rare to hear an adult claim, “They made me do it!” Remember in kindergarten when every adult would lecture “share with others” in reference to snacks and new toys. Well, what if this saying meant kindness, honesty, and respect. Being an adult means treating others in a civil manner regardless of any proceeding circumstances. This is referred to as integrity, and a mature adult realizes the importance of this social skill. As a high school student, I would like to believe I have learned to show integrity for most situations. However, at one point in time, I was that selfish eight year-old who refused to share a bagged