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Fay Agyepong
February 9, 2014 A lesson Learned on Vacation The door slammed against the wall as my dad walks in. “What in God’s name are you still doing in bed?” He said as he barged in. I ignore him, throw the cover over my head and faked snoring. He strode out of the room and I thought he left without a fight, but three seconds later he walked back into the room and drenched us with two cups of water, then ripped the cover off us. The door shut close when he left the room and all I could think was “What a great wakeup call that was.” Lois and I woke up, took a shower, and got ready for our trip to Daytona Beach. Oh, by the way have I told you my family and are on vacation? The very first vacation I have ever been on since coming here. Anyway after getting ready we packed the things we needed for the trip and got in the car. Once in a while, when I and my family take a small road trip we would talk about what we think we might see on the way, and I always reply “Anything that is possible on Earth,” not knowing that one of the things was going to happen very soon. As we are on the road, a 2013 Ford Fusion races past us and swerved into our lane. This startles me, because I’ve heard of stories about how people drive on the road, how reckless and relentless they are on the road, but I never thought we would ever come across a person like that. You know how they say believe something until it happens to you, that was exactly what happened. I look to Lois to see her reaction, her eyes were round as saucers, wide and bright with fear. I guess like me she never thought something like that will ever happen to us. I turned my attention to my parents to see what their reaction was, their eyes was as wide as ours and plastered to the road with such determination it burned holes in the window shield. We kept silent for the rest of the ride. We arrived at the beach and I brought up the topic that has bothered me ever since we got out of the car. I say to them “Did anyone feel frightened of what just happened hours ago? Did you ever think that