A Lesson of Truth Essay

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A Lesson of Trust, Faith, and Obedience
Through out the history of mankind, there have been many people who have taken dangerous risks and adventures. Few risked their own lives to try something new that people normally wouldn’t. For example, Lewis and Clark chose to go and investigate the
United States. This was a scary and questionable experience, and not many supported it.
But the journey they took gave us our sweet America, or in other words, our home.
Others like Columbus sought land and new coasts for trade, and many actually had success. These incredible journeys are just some of many examples of all the adventures people in our world take that could lead to setting a record or discovering something very useful for the whole world.
It was right after Abraham’s father’s death when God came to Abraham and told him to take his family, his belongings, and cattle and go to a land far away. Not knowing any other information other that that they needed to pack and go on a long journey, Abraham took his wife and his nephew Lot and began his travel to the Promised Land that was awaiting him. Going alone to a place you don’t know would be scary, but to take your whole family along would be even more terrifying. But placing the course of his future in
God’s hands, Abraham obediently stood and followed God’s call. Coming to the land of
Canaan, he built an altar for the Lord to worship, thank, and praise Him. Afterwards, they were going throughout the mountains and to the land of Negev, but there was a famine there so they decided to move on to Egypt. But a little before entering into the land of
Egypt, Abraham told his wife to tell everyone that she was his sister, for he thought that the gentiles might kill him because she was so beautiful. Though this might have seemed like a smart plan, I think all people understand that sinning against God is no small

matter, and in this case Abraham was sinning by making his wife lie to the people. But even through this experience and the consequences God cast upon him, Abraham was taught something in the process-you have to trust God because He knows what is