A Letter Of Recommendation

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A letter of Recommendation
Tanya Smith
Online University
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The Mcnair Family moved on this block in 1980. Tony Mcnair was not born when his family moved on our block. I watched Tony grow from a baby to a fine young man. His family instilled in him to have respect for himself and all adults. Unlike most of the children/adults in his age group he was taught to greet you. It did not matter if he saw you on or off of the block. Tony always spoke and was willing to help you in anyway that he could. I admired his mother because she instilled in him to have charcter. Tony was never disrespectful. He was always a quite young man and when you saw him he was usually my himself. Tony like so many of our young men get caught up in the environment in which they live, because they feel the need to be liked by there peers. I beleive Tony, if given the opportunity to do so can and will become productive in his life. I also beleive if he is given the opportunity, he will be able to help young men. The backbone of his family, his grandmother died in 2008. The lost of his grandmother left a void in his life. I am a former teacher of the Philadelphia School District. It is my belief that the lost of his grandmother has affected him. Please give this young man the opportunity to live his life and to be a help to others.

I would also like to add that there are an additional seven individual who are willing to speak on behalf of this respectful young man. They are also