A Lifetime Assistant Essay

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Oreck VaAndrew Brown
English 2010- Section 030
31 January 2012

A Lifetime Assistant When you think durability, cleaning made easy and when you think lightweight, you think Oreck. With the Oreck Gold vacuum cleaner and a lifetime warrantee with it, you can be sure you can vacuum any surface for as long as you live. Beau Rials and Jennifer Farrell present this vacuum cleaner in a large room with the name Oreck everywhere. They explain the vacuum very directly and are able to show examples of using the vacuum in the large room where they are located. The Oreck Gold infomercial has a back and forth sort of structure as it presents different things at alternate times. The infomercial starts off hyping the brand name of Oreck and explaining how Oreck is the best brand name in vacuums. It explains what the brand name is known for such as durability, easy cleaning and lightweight vacuums rather than open up with a problem or what the Oreck Gold can do. As the infomercial continues on, different problems are presented throughout the middle of the presentation. These problems are brought up such as changing surfaces, in the way furniture or vacuuming under beds. The infomercial then presents solutions to those same problems using the certain features that are on the vacuum. Moving on, the infomercial is mixed with various interviews with Oreck vacuum users, shows many examples of the durability of the vacuum, and reminds you of the lifetime warrantee every few minutes. The infomercial doesn’t have a simple, set structure but it does do the job to present what the vacuum can do. The Oreck Gold vacuum infomercial presents the vacuum in many ways aimed at different preferences. In one interview, the infomercial may appeal to the audience directly because a woman states she buys a vacuum every two years, when you could have an Oreck Gold vacuum forever. It also appears to be a logical argument because of some people buying many vacuums when they could just purchase one. With the lifetime guarantee, it is pretty much always going to be there. The infomercial does not seem to do a great job of defining an audience but from all the interviews and demonstrations, it appears that women are the target audience because they clean more often. Having a male speaker present as well may argue that men and not just women can also use it. Through many examples throughout the infomercial, you can see fact and logic being put into place because of the ability of the vacuum to switch surfaces, being dropped down stairs and still working or going under and around furniture, things all being displayed. However, even with all the facts and logic that are displayed in the infomercial, there are a few things that are left to be inferred. One thing that they presented was the durability of the vacuum. They dropped it down stairs, hit it with a sledgehammer and had it be run over and dragged down an airplane runway by a pick up truck. It was clear that it was a very durable vacuum…