Essay on A Little Bit longer and Beep Test Gym

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My interoperation of The Book of Awesome
Doing the beep test
Gym is can be fun but when the beep test comes around everyone scurries off into hiding, but then there are the ones who want to prove their fitness and see how far they can go. You hear the intro sounds and you start to get little butterflies deep down in the depths of your stomach, the announcer says “level 1-1” you’re off and you start at a walking pace. A little while later your already one of the last people still running, everyone else has went back into hiding. Then you feel it, the feeling you get when you are on your last breath, but you keep pushing and finally you’re the last one running and you feel like you could just drop right where you are, but then you get a third wind and you go a little bit longer. Then you halt, out of breath and thirsty, you look around your last and you feel very proud of yourself and that in its self is AWESOME.
Going out to the middle of the lake looking at the sun rise, calm, quiet, beautiful, your first cast is perfect you wait and then reel in nice and slow until you get a bite, you let the guy go with and you start to reel in a little more and then repeat until you caught you first of the day. As you let him back into the water you feel a sense of satisfaction. You cast out a couple more time until its mid afternoon and you can see that there are more boats out on the lake so you head back to shore and pack up. You then go to another remote location to be part of…