A Little Too Much Attention Essay

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Meredith Hollan
C P English
September 6, 2012
A Little too Much Attention I was shocked. I was completely flabbergasted by the complete absurdness of these parents. Parents watching security monitors just to catch a glimpse of their child; calling a child in college about a purchase made an odd time. The child is in college. College is supposed to be a chance to break away from the parents and learn how to deal with life on one’s own terms. There are no lines on what it acceptable and what is not anymore for parents. Parents have forgotten that it is their job to prepare them for the world. Not protect them until they rely completely on the parents. And then with the child relying on them, the child still feels a need to hide from them and their hovering. When Miller said “Many students tell me they have fake Facebook pages that they use only for their parents, saving the real ones for their friends,” I wasn’t surprised. There are many different reasons that teens choose to do this, but it is my opinion that overbearing parents are the main result. However when Miller informed us the “If I haven’t heard from her in a few days, or if I just have and ache for her, I will send her a text that says [‘hi’]” I completely sympathize with her. I think it is completely normal to miss a child. After all the parents do have the child living with them for about 18 years. However there is a huge difference between casually saying hi and interrogating a child about why