A long time ago Essay

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A long time ago, before Gods ruled the earth, humans had four legs and two heads. Humans were so powerful that the God’s did not mess with the two headed humans. All the humans were created with a girl half and a boy half. The girl half was very feminine with long beautiful locks of golden hair with ivory skin and eyes as blue as Poseidon’s ocean. The masculine side had a muscular physique like that of an Adonis his rough but kind face was the envy of all. The humans were so fast, strong, beautiful and extremely smart the Gods did not have enough power to control them. The Gods would gaze at them with amazement for their exquisite beauty. Their ability to hunt was twice as great as the Roman Goddess, Diana. They were fearless and thrived on mischievous deeds. One of the humans named Makenzie, had a beautiful girl face and a masculine boy head. Makenzie decided to play a trick on Zeus, the God of lightening, for he could never catch the two headed human. Makenzie’s plan was to lure Zeus into a deep dark hole, because it did not like Zeus, for he might take the humans powers. Makenzie told Zeus, “If you can catch us you can punish us any way you want in the most horrible ways.” Makenzie ran as fast as possible while Zeus chased after it; Makenzie jumped high over the enormous hole, but Zeus carelessly fell into Makenzie’s deceptive trap. Zeus yelled, “We will get you Makenzie.” Makenzie laughed with an evil snare for the human knew no one could hurt them. The Gods called a special meeting at Mount Olympus to discuss Makenzie and the other uncontrollable humans. All the Gods were fed up with Makenzie’s devilish pranks. The Gods asked Athena, goddess of wisdom, to come up with a plan to punish Makenzie and have the humans’ powers reduced to be less than that of…