A Look at Living by Chance Essays

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“A Look at Living by Chance”
Going to the casino and gambling as a whole can be the most enjoyable, nerve-racking, and suspenseful greed-powered rollercoaster you can ride. However, gambling can also turn out to be the worst thing that has ever happened to you and everything in between. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk. I would like to share a look at the face of casino gambling with an emphasis on the game of black jack and a few tips that I myself and my friends have used to be successful at it. I will also use my own personal experience to share some insight on how one can easily go about getting into a casino and gamble underage if inclined to do so.
I found my interested in gambling, casinos, money, and basically everything about the 3 from the movie “21”. Which, as many readers probably know already, is a film based on the story of the very famous MIT black jack card counting team. From then on my interest only grew more and more. Although I have no crazy story on how I got into it. I would still say I have a very unique view on gambling and casinos because I am part of a select group that knows what it’s like to enter a casino and gamble both legally and illegally and how both of the situations work. Before I jump right into it; there are a few things that I feel every casino gambler should know to be successful and will subsequently be elaborated on. Coming along with the possibility of giving you the thrill of your life and various amounts of satisfaction from winning is the more likely chance of losing. Every casino gambler has to be aware of this fact at all times. No matter what you are told by the employees or anyone else, the casino which is commonly referred to as “the house”, will almost always have the upper hand on you. Going to the casino to gamble should not become a habit that continues when you’re on a “cold streak” (losing streak). You should also never rely on the casino as your only source of income or ever go in with a “must win” mentality. Last but certainly not least I encourage everyone to follow my most important golden rule of the casino. Which means you only continue to go as long as you’re “up”. Meaning you have won more money than you have lost in your lifetime. This is how you calculate your success. It is very cut and dry. If you’re up you’re successful and if you’re not you’re not! Following this rule ensures that gambling never becomes a problem because you’re making money not losing it. I am lucky to be able to say I am still up after 2 years of going and can assure you it’s not exactly the norm to be up. I was 16 years old when I entered a casino for the first time. With that said I would also like to add that underage gambling is illegal and very risky in multiple ways to yourself and others too. Anyone that considers doing it should assess all of the possible scenarios that can happen before hand. To get into a casino underage you basically only need a calm head and someone’s ID that you are able to pass off as your own. Meaning the picture resembles you and the physical features described are as close possible. Another critical thing that is a good insurance plan when things do not go as planned is to memorize as much of the information on the card as possible. It is often overlooked by those who are not careful but instilling information such as the address, date of birth, whether they are a donor or not, and all other endorsements to memory is the best thing you can do to assure you are not exposed of the lie. People memorize these things because cops and security guards often ask questions about the ID if they have suspicion of a fraud. I’m sure by now you have begun to notice how you not only risk consequences against yourself but also to the real owner to your new found identity. But if you do manage to get past all of those obstacles then you’re ready to play. Ready to play Black Jack and Black Jack only because it is the only game