Classification Essay On Food

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A lot of people today, especially in our wealthy society, take everyday blessings for granted. We live in an age where we consume what is fast, easy, and desirable. But unfortunately, most things that fall under those categories don’t benefit an individual’s health or long-term success. I could talk about hundreds of micro- and macro-level situations that pertain to this problem, but right now I’m going to zoom in on food; one specific food in particular, but I will get to that a little later. Because people, especially those in a wealthier societies, desire not only a variety of foods, but also food that tastes good, they completely ignore the initial and most important purpose of food which is to provide us with the proper nutrients to be happy and healthy. Now, most don’t consider the “happy” aspect of living. When people think about health they focus on physical health, but what about mental health? Believe or not, the food we eat plays a huge part in the well being of our mental condition. Right now I am going to shed light on a fruit that is highly underappreciated and often incorrectly categorized as a vegetable: the tomato. You were a teenager once, so you understand the struggle of rejection and finding where you fit in. So often this fruit is rejected as such, just because it is not as sweet as other fruits or our government needed an excuse to impose a tariff. You enjoy the wonders of a delicious and nutrient rich marinara on your spaghetti dish yet don’t stop for a second to think it came from this beautiful and supple fruit, that most of us treat as a second class “fruitizen”. Well, I for one refuse to let this savory sweet slide by under the radar, and I fully intend to shed light on its extraordinary talent to boost our physical and mental health and give it the recognition as a fruit it deserves. Tomatoes, succulent creations in the nightshade family, love being cooked and taste amazing when they are. The peel, when heated and integrated with the flesh, encourages the nutrients to be absorbed into our blood stream. The antioxidants they give us fight off all those insidious free radicals flowing through our veins that cause damage to our cells. You might reject them for their lack of sweetness, but you’ll regret it when your blood sugar is through the roof and these bad boys could have brought it down. If none of this has put a sweeter taste in your mouth for tomatoes, maybe you heart will change that. Tomatoes are also fearsome warriors against heart disease. Bringing down your blood pressure and