Essay on A Malfunctioning Media

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President James Madison once said, “A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both.” Information, which we acquire through the media in today’s world, is a vital part of giving the public a chance to form their own opinions and be an active part of our nation. But I believe that we are far from a place where the media uses its voice in a positive way. Due to its inaccurate and biased nature, the media is currently using its vast influence in such a way that is harmful to the minds of people all around the world.

Media is everywhere. By definition, it is a boundary-free way of communication. And in today’s society, it seems to be the only way of communication. People rely on the media; therefore, it has obtained a great amount of power over the way that people think. But it contains many flaws that are not recognized by those people. Media today can be much more accurately identified as a corrupt establishment, rather than a reliable source of news. Media stories are often told untruthfully, and they are rarely corrected for the sake of protecting the reputation of the person or network presenting the false information. The media is also infamous for making a big deal out of small things. On any given news station, there is a constant flow of gossip on the latest celebrity drama, but when was the last time that there was a news report on an issue like abortion? The relevant problems are commonly the ones…