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Mia is a thirteen year old girl having some difficulty figuring out who she is and what’s going on with her. Mia is the main character in the book and has the most problems, trying to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong is one of the hardest for her. Living in a small country town, Mia feels like she has no place to go. Being stuck with her dad, mom, older sister; Beth, and her younger brother, Zack drove Mia crazy most of the time. School is usually a challenge or an easy thing. Social Studies was the easiest, being able to associate the date of an event with her colors made it really easy to remember. Math was terrible, almost at a failing rate Mia couldn’t get a hang of it because the numbers and variables did not agree with each other and she couldn’t assign a number.
I think that Mia has a hard life trying to work around her colors, but I think that without them she wouldn’t like life so much and find everything so interesting. When she did lose her colors she felt depressed and saw the world as a bland place. Although Mia thought life would be better without colors she realized that she wouldn’t be happy without them. I think that Mia needed to trust her self more about telling her parents about it and her best friend, Jenna. It most likely would’ve made the situation easy for her.
Off and out exploring the woods is fun, but exploring your own mind and seeing what it can do is even more interesting. I think that Mia is an adventurous person. I feel this way about her because she is both exploring the world and her mind. Still trying to figure out that seeing colors isn’t normal for everyone and that others can’t see mango colored rings around their cat when they ‘purr’ Mia decides to look into it. Running around and doing ‘PIC mission’ with Jenna her best friend, Mia explores and defines all her new findings. Mia and her dad have nicknames for each other. Mia has always called her dad ‘Hammer’ and Mia has been called “Wild Child” this nickname was picked because she was always off and running around