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A Real Mans Ring: Gender and the Invention of Tradition
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Mans Ring 2 A REAL MANS RING: GENDER AND THE INVENTION OFTRADITION I Found the article A Real mans Ring: Gender and the Invention of Tradition, wrote by Vicki Howard, interesting and educational. After reading about this article I learned a few things I didn’t know and completely surprised by other facts entirely. Gender behaviors and gender profiling are not unknown to me (blue is for boys and pink is for girls baloney). But what really surprised me was how much the media was actually involved in the of pushing gender products to consumers and the more amazing part creating a reason as to why we need that product. When the jewelry companies started inventing new ways to sale their products they inadvertently started new traditions and special occasions as far back as 1920. Jewelry companies were major players in the past, the used mass media marketing to market their products and develop a purpose for their products as well a buying population that would not have been there if the advertising was not as effective as is was. Although not all media strategies worked like the “mans engagement ring” in 1920 ( Article, A real mans ring, pg. 2 ), they were however successful in creating new traditions and special occasions that we celebrate today, and this helped to shape or re shape our societies norms and our definition regarding gender. Jewelers didn’t stop at their first failed attempt or they would never have made the marriage ceremony what it is today.

Today’s marriage ceremonies are a product of jewelry companies and media advertisers. In 1920 the jewelers tried unsuccessfully to sell a mans engagement and tried again in 1955 unsuccessfully. Not to be dismayed by theses attempts, the double ring ceremony was born. Men did not want engagement rings because they felt they were for women they did however agree to a double ring ceremony where both the bride and groom would exchange rings. The bride now felt like she had claim or connection to her husband and the men were now begging to feel a ““masculine domesity”( article pg. 4). It seemed that the new ring helped men feel more connected to their marriage. They began caring about their commitment to their families, domestic chores, fidelity and dedication to a more “compassionate marriage” (article, pg. 4). Not only did the jewelry companies market and cash in on a new idea, they created a new tradition that brought about a cultural explosion that re-invented weddings and brides to a new level. THE SETTING OF A NEW SOCIAL EXTRAVEGANZA
With the double ring ceremony becoming a social hit jewelers and department stores went into a wedding frenzy. The wedding business became extremely lucrative for every one. The bride her wedding and all the trimmings were now the target. Jewelry companies