A Marketing Project D&D Fresh Car Wash Essay

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A Marketing Plan Presented By: David D. Castro-Arce
Professor: Ronald Weber

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary

2. Company Description

3. Strategic Focus and Plan

Mission Statement
Competitive Advantage

4. Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Industry Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Company Analysis
Customer Analysis

5. Market-Product Focus
Marketing-Product Objectives
Target Markets
Points of Difference

6. Marketing Program
Strategy Pyramid
Price Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Place Strategy
Marketing Mix

7. Financial Data and Projection
Break-Even Analysis
Sale Forecast
Expense Forecast

8. Organization

9. Implementation Plan
Implementation Milestones

10. Evaluation Control
Possible Deviation
Difficulties and Risks
Worst Case Risks
Possible Solutions









1. Executive Summary
D&D FRESH CAR WASH will be the prominent car wash for luxury, tuner and exotic vehicles in the 32809 East Orlando, Fl. It will be owned by David D. Castro-Arce, a young entrepreneur and Damon Wilson who has worked in the car repair and tuner business for the past 10 years. Having owned a car repair and tuner shop in the East Orlando for over 5 years, Damon Wilson is well known and respected in the East Orlando area.
The differentiator for D&D FRESH CAR WASH will be our services. It is believed that people will come to the car wash not only to have their cars cleaned and detailed , but also for repairs, modifications, tuning, audio, rims and tires. Additionally, the car wash will provide excellent service, efficiently and expertly cleaning customer’s cars so that they will be repeat users of the service.
Eventually in the future D&D FRESH CAR WASH will also provide mobile mechanic services. This additional service will be hourly and minimum 3 hours. Additional service fees may apply.
The car wash will be based in East Orlando. This area has a number of benefits in term of the market that it will provide for the business. 32809 is a suburban zip code in Orlando, Florida. The Population is racially diverse, and mostly married couples. The average house value here ($84,500) is lower than in the Orlando-Kissimmee metro area as a whole.
The median age here is 34.4. There are 11,386 men and 11,290 women. The median age for men is 33.6 while for women the median age is 35.2.
D&D FRESH CAR WASH will have 20% market share of the hand car wash and detailing business in the East Orland area by the end of year three, and it aims to convert a larger percentage of people away from machine car washes, which damage a car’s finish. D&D FRESH CAR WASH will maintain a 95% gross profit margin and make 11% net profit margin after 12 months of operation.
2. Company Description
D&D FRESH CAR WASH is entering their first year of operation. David and Damon believe that a comprehensive marketing strategy will be key success of the business. D&D FRESH CAR WASH offers premium hand car washing, detailing, repair, tuning, modification, audio, and rims and tires service provided by a well- known local mechanic. The basic market need is a premium car washing service that is far less abrasive than the traditional automatic car washes. At the same time offer other services that are needed in the East Orlando area. This includes car repair, modification, tuning, audio, rims and tires. Here at D&D we shoot to be the freshest car wash. So if you want your ride to be the freshest on the block you think in D&D FRESH CAR WASH. Because if it's not fresh, it's not washed.
3. Strategic Focus and Plan
This aspect of our marketing plan focuses on the strategic planning of D&D FRESH CAR WASH to make it a successful business. There are three areas that we will discuss: mission statement, financial and non-financial goals, and