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A Mentor Who Helped Me Grow ….. When I was entering ninth grade, I met this awesome, spiritual, African American man in my hometown in Charleston, SC. His name was Coach Micheal Breelove and he was the new football, basketball, and soccer coach at my high school. Through his spiritual and great nature, I already knew that he was going to help me to be the best player I can be. As a young athlete, Coach Breelove helped me grow. He did a lot to help me grow as a student and as a athlete. He told me to get my grades first and then worry about sports later. But as I grew up through my junior and senior year, coach Breelove sas the potential I had in the classrooms and on the field. It was weeks when I would stay and do extra workouts with some college coaches so they can get a good look at me. That’s one way as a mentor, he helped me grow. A lot of people asked me “Where this all happened”. Some days Coach Breelove and I would go in the weight room in do light workouts and then he would carry me to tutors to help me with my classroom assignments. Other days I would wake up early I the mornings and run a couple of miles in my city downtown Charleston the go home and wash to get ready for school. Already my coach was preparing me to play for the next level. Coach Breelove is an awesome, spiritual, African American man. He loves to give back to his community as a U.S. Veteran. Coach Breelove is from Virginia Beach, Virginia.