Essay on A Meta-Analytic Review of Gender Differences in Perceptions of Sexual Harassment

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Yigao Wang
MGT 672 Assignment 4


A Meta-Analytic Review of Gender Differences in Perceptions of Sexual Harassment

In explaining the nature of the workplace, it touches a lot of things. Sexual harassment is clearly spelled out as a form of discrimination. Therefore, in the United States, sexual harassment violations of the civil rights 7th act of 1964. Sexual harassment often occurs when an employer or employees make, uncomfortable, unwelcome sexual advances, benefits, oral speech and physical contact, another employee, contrary to the their wishes. Misuse of a fact, that is, in a position of supervision, so that any person has the right to the management of personnel or employees of the progressive is unacceptable, at any time.

I think the workplace is one of the logical places where people meet and fall in love. As long as the staff involved in the relationship to follow the principle of common sense. However, it's not appropriate to date your management. They need to train all their employees, and these employees will have to be trained in their policies for harassment. In the management of employee performance, the management and the management is the front line.

The most important is that managers do not want to work place environment, allowing the occurrence of any form of harassment. A competent commitment to their employees and companies, sexual harassment, in any shape, form, or fashion, must not be tolerated. In a sexual harassment suit, as other legal proceedings related to the theme, as a caring employer, showing court and staff, you have taken additional steps, to survey and study, that you take appropriate steps, to prevent such incidents from happening again.

In addition, it shows that they act immediately, and that the consequences of the act are serious, and it is also essential. Moreover, the leader is usually the initiator, and through these steps, they must be confident that they are doing something they are doing. Any form of harassment, or to create a hostile working environment for employees, if this harassment is not resolved.

We should keep in mind when we think about the sexual harassment and other forms of sexual harassment in the workplace; the employee can be an individual's sex. Sexual harassment does not mean that the person to the other side of the harassment of the opposite sex. A person who can be any person in the workplace, such as