A Midsummer Night ' s Dream and Multiple Marriages Essay examples

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When the lovers return the Athens the enter the 'New world.' The 'New world' is festive, with no past complication and mistakes, the characters return with multiple marriages - all the problems are resolved. Family conflict is resolved. Here we can also see that the structure of the play is circular, we start and end in Athens - "there and back again." [3] This can be seen in two ways: either the characters have returned to the same place with the same problems and nothing has changed about it, or in the case of 'A Midsummer night's dream' we have come back to the same place, but there aren't the same constraints as there were. There is more freedom and it is very festive. It seems that everyone is happy. However, some may disagree. Jean Howard proposed the idea of turbulence when looking at 'A Midsummer Nights Dream.' Turbulence is when we minimise some aspects of comedy, and when we forget about conflict too easily. Such as when we forget that Demetrius is under a spell because of the happiness and multiple marriages. It is suggested that not everyone is truly happy, because Demetrius is not in love with Helena out of choice, (he has been forced into it by Oberon whilst in the 'Green world.') We also see in 'A Midsummer night's Dream' the play ''beginning in discord and ending in accord...' [4] which also corresponds with Jean Howards theory of turbulence also. Eric Langley commented on Demetrius being forced into marriage, by looking at Pucks speech at the end of the…