A Midsummer Night s Nightmare Essay

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A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare
Titania: Fairies, I just got a call from spy central. There is a villain on the loose who wants to end all love in the world. We must stop him.
Fairy: Yes Queen, otherwise the world would be a horrible place to live in.
Titania: Take out my gear. Let’s fight this villain!
Oberon: I need that Indian boy from Titania. And I will do whatever I can to get him. Hey Puck, remember a few nights ago, I told you about a flower that once put on sleeping eyelids, erases true love between the 2 lovers you put it on.
Puck: Yes master, I’ll go around the world in 2 minutes and bring that flower. Exit Puck
Enter Hermia and Lysander
Oberon hides behind a tree.
Hermia: Lysander, just imagine! In 2 days, we’ll be married and living together like we dreamed.
Lysander: It was the best thing we could have to done to run away together before your father separated me from you, my one true love. My dear, you look like you’re about to faint from all the wandering we’ve been doing. And to be honest, I think we’re lost.
Hermia: No Lysander, we need to be at your aunt’s house as soon as possible. We might get caught otherwise.
Lysander: Ok, but we’re going to have to rest sometime.
Oberon: (steps out from behind the tree) True love I see. We’ll see about that.
Puck: Master, I’ve got the flower. Who are we going to use it on? OMG, I’m so excited.
Oberon: There are two Athenians I just saw who ran away from Athens to get married. But also, I will use it on Titania; she’s the one who stopped my fool-proof plan last time. Here give me some potion, and you go put it on the Athenians eyes.
Puck: Ok, we’ll meet back here when we’re done and..........
Titania: I wonder who it is. Spy central said they don’t know who it is, because he hasn’t been seen. To me it sounds like Oberon, but I stopped his plan last time, and he should be in prison.
Fairy: My Queen, there was a prison break in the jail where Oberon was being held. They haven’t said who exactly got out, but at least half of the prisoners got out.
Titania: Really? When did this happen?
Fairy: About 2 nights ago.
Titania: If Oberon’s out of jail, he’ll be coming straight to me to get his revenge. I’ve got to prepare!
Demetrius: Can you please stop following me! Sure you and I were a couple a while ago, but now it’s over. Why can’t you understand that?
Helena: But I love you! And I want to be with you forever and ever!
Demetrius: Yea, but I don’t. So just leave! I’m trying to find Hermia and Lysander so that I can stop them from getting married, and you’re just slowing me down.
Helena: Yea, but that makes me love you even more. Just let me follow you, it makes me feel better instantly.
Demetrius: Well, I’m tired so I’m going to rest here, you should just leave me alone. (Lies down and goes to sleep)
Helena: I’m going to go to sleep too then. What else can I do?
Puck: I’ve been all over the forest, and I can’t find those 2 lovers? Where’d they go? Oh here they are! Finally! MWAHAHAHA! (Puts the juice on Demetrius and Helena’s eyes)
Exit Puck
OBERON: Ha! Titania’s sleeping! This is going to be a piece of cake! Poor, poor Titania. I’m about to ruin the world, and there’s nothing she can do about it, because she’s going to be helping me. (steps closer to her bed, and immediately falls) WHOOOAA!
Titania: You didn’t think it would be